• Tyson Craney

NFL Players Who Could Make a Return to the CFL

I'll start by saying I watch both leagues so I am always invested in how our former CFLers are

performing down in the NFL. Some players carve out a lengthy, successful career and stuff their

bank accounts like a thanksgiving turkey, like a Cameron Wake, others, not so much.

Sadly, many players do not survive training camp or even OTAs and most of the time they are

not even given a chance to show their stuff out on the gridiron. The NFL is political and a lot of

our current CFL players can most certainly make an NFL club if given a fair shake, again

political. If we think about it, it's clear to see that these NFL franchises have approximately 7

draft picks per year every year and invest a metric tonne of money and time on them. The

owners/general managers/coaches will exhaust every scenario possible to get these kids on the

field to avoid an egg on your face "I told you so" moment from their peers.

In the spirit of positivity here are 3 former CFLers that have been released from their prior NFL

teams and could make a return to the CFL in 2020 as free agents:

Derrick Moncrief: After a herculean effort in 2019 in which he recorded 73 tackles, 4 sacks, 3

interceptions and 1 forced fumble in 17 games, Moncrief was signed by the Las Vegas Raiders

in January but has been a free agent since his surprising release in May. "Creef" was highly

regarded by his peers and considered one of the better linebackers in the league. A free agent

should he make his way back up north.

Bralon Addison: You can mark me down as a massive fan of this rangy wide receiver! After brief

stints with the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos and Toronto Argonauts, Addison had an

Alcatraz-Level breakout last year with 1236 yards, 95 receptions and 7 touchdowns in only 16

games! After signing with the Minnesota Vikings in early January he was unceremoniously

dumped by the Norsemen on August 6, 2020. Bralon will be a CFL free agent if and when he


Marken Michel: The shifty receiver spent the bulk of the 2019 NFL season on the Philadelphia

Eagles practice roster. Michel impressed the Eagles staff enough to be re-signed on January 6

2020 only to be released 4 months later. The former Calgary Stampeder weapon had 1215

yards receiving and 8 TDs in his 24 game career in cowtown. Marken, the brother of New

England Patriots running back Sony Michel will also be a CFL free agent should he choose to

look northward again.

Here is hoping we see these three athletes show what they can do on the field whether that

field is 110 yards long or 100. Fingers crossed.

#WeTheNorth It's playoff time baby, let's go Raps!

Stay safe sports fans, 'til next time

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